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Corporate Wardrobe

"The special relationship we have with our customers and our reputation sets us apart from others."

Let Muhan personally assist you and your company to choose a uniform that is right for your organisation and brand. With many years' experience, Muhan has established a reputation as an industry leader in the corporate wear sector.

Muhan's modern designs are widespread across different industries from niche businesses to large pharmacy outlets, and with competition in business at its highest level it is important that you are seen as a leader.

Muhan Corporate specialises in the exclusive design and production of:

Our service is 100% on time, delivered and guaranteed. Our undertaking is to provide leading uniform designs and quality customer service.

At Muhan Corporate we listen to our clients and provide quality service to produce leading designs reflecting the changing trends in the uniform industry - all at a reasonable price.

Asked what makes Muhan Corporate special, Muhan doesn't hesitate to say it is that special relationship with our customers and our reputation that sets us apart from others. As a designer, it has been Muhan's passion to personally serve and see that each customer is completely happy with their uniforms. People represent companies and uniforms are an integral part of that relationship. The right uniform is a key part of ensuring business continuity.

Transitioning Service

Muhan and her team are available to help companies transition their uniform business to Muhan Corporate. This service enables the purchase and distribution of these uniforms on behalf of the client. They will work under your direction making the process as seamless as possible.

Corporate Wardrobe - Online Uniform Store

Every corporate client will get access to our unique uniform portal that allows your staff to place and shop orders on their own behalf. Larger companies can have the portal branded to look and feel that it is part of their own company.