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"As a designer it is my passion to make sure all our uniforms collections are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics, while meeting with the high end design features that our customers require and love."

Muhan Corporate
Designer Director

"Our vision is to provide leading uniform designs,
a quality service with a great customer experience"

Muhan and her team had established a reputation for innovative designs within the Uniform Industry since 1989, specialising in the Wardrobe solutions for Pharmacy, Dental, Healthcare, Nursing, Aged care, Beauty, Spa, Cosmetology & Corporate business.

For many years Muhan has met the changing needs of the Uniforms Industry by listening to her clients, providing leading designs and quality service all at a reasonable price.

With our combination of skill, expertise and quality service we'll make sure to evaluate all of your Uniforms requirements based on your needs & budget to create a wardrobe program that's right for you and your team!



Our Online Shopping is perfect for clients who are after a quick purchase of Uniforms with just a "click".

We offer a wide range of Uniforms in different styles, colours & sizes ready for purchase and delivery!


We offer two options for our clients to custom design their uniforms.

With 'Customise Our Styles', you have the option of selecting a style from our generic range, with the choice of your preferred fabric, colour, trim/piping & embroidery.

If you're after uniforms specially designed for your brand only, our 'Uniform Brand Solutions' is perfect for larger companies wanting a more signature style to their uniforms.


Muhan and her team are available to help companies transition their uniform business to Muhan Corporate. This enables the purchase and distribution of these uniforms on behalf of the client. We will work under your direction, making the process as seamless as possible.